Making the Right Decisions


CHOYCES is a mental health program that was created to help better mental health situations in young girls. 2 of our Youth Workers, Sasha and Michelle facilitate this program in various high schools in Peel. The program covers topics such as bullying, body image, social media, relationships, mindfulness, team building, communication and coping with emotions. CHOYCES helps young women to make informed decisions for their future health and well-being. This program runs over 10 weeks (1 term per high school) and the clients are able to ask questions and learn in a safe space with qualified workers. This program has been a huge success over the years, with the girls showing so much growth from the start to the end. 

As this program is only available in schools, it isn't one that everyone can join. However, if your school runs it normally, keep an ear out and ask to be put forward for the program.