Eyes Wide Open

Pregnancy Program & Life After Birth

The 2 parenting programs that we run here are our Pregnancy Program and our Life After Birth Program. 

Pregnancy Program:

Our Pregnancy Program covers topics such as bathing, swaddling, feeding, changing nappies, safe sleeping, car seat safety, hospital tours, birth plans, labor and delivery information and contraception. This group is a great place to come and learn everything you need to know that isn't always taught before you give birth. It is also a social place to come and make friends who are also pregnant and create that support group. Our groups are safe spaces and anyone is welcome no matter what! Currently this group runs on Tuesdays (school terms) from 1-2:30pm.

Life After Birth: 

The Life After Birth Program is all about getting to know baby and how to parent in a realistic way. We follow a program by the Australian Childhood Foundation which covers topics like brain development, behaviour, past experiences affecting parenting styles, attitude, communication, and interaction with baby. These are all created with 8-week-old and older babies in mind and are tailored to provide information about those age groups. This group is a safe space, no judgement parenting and anyone is welcome! Currently this group runs on Thursdays (school terms) from 10am-1pm.


In both the programs, we have educational weeks and fun weeks, we learn baby CPR, have lactation consultants attend, do hospital tours and swimming lessons for the babies. 

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