Teen Parenting - Part 3

By Amy MacDonald

I soon realised partying every weekend was not changing how I felt, if anything I just felt worst. I felt guilty, and I definitely was not connecting with who I was.

The thing about becoming a teen mum is I never found the person I was before I had my baby and upon reflection, I do not think I ever wanted to.

I had to recreate me, and I had to accept the reality that life for me had changed and changed for the better. I grieved my old life. I grieved the freedom it afforded me. I grieved the ability to be spontaneous. I grieved the lack of responsibility. I grieved the childhood and adolescent friendships I lost as a result of becoming a mum. But, when I stopped grieving my old life, I began to embrace my new one.

Now I want you to know that I never did this all alone, I needed to find my tribe and I needed to allow people into my life to guide me.

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